Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Embarassing Parents

I think one of the most embarassing thing for a sixth grader is to have a parent that shows his/her love a little too much. For example, this morning, I was getting out of my car, and I saw a father lean out of his car window to yell at his daughter as she was walking into school.

"Have a good day, baby! It's my baby's 12th birthday! Happy Birthday Foo Foo! Little Foo Foo's Birthday! I love you Foo Foo!"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reasonable Answers

Ms. B: I want all of you to look around the room and see how many desks are in here. There is a question on the test about how many desks are in one room if there are 7 rows of 7 desks each. When you get to that one, I want you to answer it and then think to yourself, "Is this a reasonable answer?"

Test Answer of Student #1: 877,543 desks
Test Answer of Student #2: 15, 536, 110, 201 desks
Test Answer of Student #3: 152, 764 desks
Test Answer of Student #4: 823, 319 desks
Test Answer of Student #5: 5, 764, 301 desks
Test Answer of Student #6: 127, 503 desks


I have always prefered quotes as the best way to take notes. I remember learning this technique my freshman year of college, when I stumbled upon a professor bursting with wisdom and sharp wit. While taking notes about how to write a great topic sentence (or whatever else we learned in that class), I would write down a sentence or two word-for-word so I could remember her exact andecdote when I reviewed my notes later.

When I started teaching, I realized that my students are also pretty quick witted, although not as wise as my professor. They really do say some hilarious things, and when I catch them, I jot down their words. Hopefully, I'll get to jot them down in this blog when I get it going.

Ms. B