Saturday, December 19, 2009


In first block, there is a table of four girls and one boy. Jesus is the lucky man.

Jesus is a very smart boy with the sweetest disposition. He always holds the door open for his classmates, he speaks kindly to me, and he is well-liked by his peers. For the last month, I have noticed the cutest thing about him.

At the beginning of each class, he waits for Alexis (the girl who sits next to him) to walk in. When she comes to class, he pulls out her chair, waits for her to sit down, and then pushes her chair in for her. (As if they are at a fine-dining restaurant instead of Ms. B's math class!)

And some say chivalry is dead...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Seventh Grade Skeptic

A seventh grader walked into my classroom today.

Ms. B: Hi Evan. What's up?
Evan: I'm looking for my math teacher. Have you seen her?
Ms. B: I don't think she's here yet. Can I help you with something?
Evan: Hmm... well, I'm in Pre-Algebra. Do you know how to do that?

[Thoughts of Ms. B: Should I explain to this student that I have taken many many classes beyond pre-algebra? Should I try to explain Differential Equations or Non-Euclidean Geometry?]

Ms. B: Hmmm, Evan. It depends. Let's see.