Monday, March 22, 2010


Cindy: Ms. B, do you know Sue Ann?
Ms. B: Yes, she's one of my students.
Cindy: I just love her.
Ms. B: Yeah, she's really fun.
Cindy: She's my new best friend.
Ms. B: Oh yeah?
Cindy: Yep. Well, she had a crush on my boyfriend...
Ms. B: Oh! You have a boyfriend?!
Cindy: Yes. Do you know John?
Ms. B: Yep.
Cindy: Well, he's my boyfriend.
Ms. B: How long have you guys been dating?
Cindy: About half a week.
Ms. B: Oooh. Nice.
Cindy: Yeah, so SueAnn really had a crush on John, and I told her that I didn't want any hard feelings. I told her that I wanted her to tell me any time she had jealous feelings so that we could talk them over.
Ms. B: Oh, that's nice.
Cindy: Well, I just want to stay friends. I don't want him to come between us. We're just best friends.
Ms. B: I'm glad you're friends! What do you guys talk about?
Cindy: Well, we're both Christians, so we talk a lot about that.
Ms. B: Good for you.
Cindy: Yeah. And we also talk about John.

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Chadwick said...

Sally, I can't tell you how much Heidi and i enjoy reading your blog. I can't believe I have not started following it until now. In case you were not aware, Heidi and I are living in North Carolina now, so if you want to come out and visit, all are welcome. We have a spare bedroom. Peace.