Friday, May 7, 2010


Mrs. R (coworker): Hey, Tasha, watch out! You're about to sit on my lunch! I don't want my lunch to taste like you!
Kenisha: Oooh, gross. That's nasty. Tasha tastes bad.
Mrs. R: How would you know?
Kenisha: CJ told me.

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Chadwick said...

When I think about my friends now who are teachers, and I think about the conversations we have had and I know what they do outside of school, it makes me think that my teachers must have been normal people too, but it is tough to imagine my elementary school teachers having such conversations. Its like, even now, to think about it from my naive position as a student, it is difficult to fathom my teachers having a sense of humor, or going out after work and grabbing a drink to unwind from the rugrats they have been around all day. Anyway, thats funny.